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Quality is fundamental in the activities and cost optimization processes that are developed in BeeSolution. The guidelines and general objectives that guide the company in relation to Quality are reflected in this Policy that has been defined by the General Management.
BeeSolution will execute its processes, services and activities, under these strategic objectives :

Ensure quality in all BeeSolution processes in the field of optimization services and cost and overhead management by analyzing Business Intelligence.
Adapt constantly to the new realities and expectations of customers and interested parties.

The implementation of the Quality System will allow us to achieve our objectives through the following points:

  • To satisfy the applicable requirements, including legal and other requirements that the organization subscribes. Communicate to the organization, through this policy, the importance of satisfying those requirements.
  • The aim is to achieve a good understanding with suppliers, which allows guaranteeing the quality of the contracted services, involving them in the Quality Management System.
  • Allocate the necessary resources, human and material, in the development of the methodology of optimization and management of costs and general expenses to achieve the proper implementation and evolution of the defined Quality System.
  • Establishment of a documented (or standardized) system to ensure the quality of the processes in optimization services and cost and overhead management through business intelligence.
  • Implementation in the Organization of continuous improvement as a standard of conduct, making the measurement and permanent analysis of information, both our own and our customers and suppliers, to prevent errors and improve our processes.

The Management is responsible for communicating the Quality Policy to all staff, ensuring that it has been understood, and that it is periodically reviewed to keep it adequate for the purposes of BeeSolution.

Likewise, the Quality Manager is the interlocutor to convey the goals and improvement actions of BeeSolution that are derived from the Quality Policy and the Management System.

The Direction
Xavier Ferrer-Dalmau
November 2017 Ed.7