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1. Right to information

Bee Solution, brand of the company Checkoptima S.L. (hereinafter Checkoptima) with registered office in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Ctra. de Rubí a Sant Cugat Km.
1, 40-50, CP 08173
and CIF B67031286, guarantees Internet users who access the website (hereinafter, Users or, in the singular, User) that the Data provided through this website will be treated in strict compliance with those established in Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of personal data (hereinafter, LOPD) and its development regulations.

To this end, has drafted this Privacy Policy, which informs users about the procedure followed by Checkoptima to collect their personal data and the uses to which they will be intended.

2. Data we collect

Checkoptima obtains the personal data of the Users through the following means:

  1. Request for Information or Contact through the Contact Forms of www.bee-solution. net .
  2. Register as a User of the website www.checkoptima.com .
    Information of Users of Companies or professional profile in the Company for the use of the services that are offered through the www.checkoptima.com < /li>
  3. Use of the web www.checkoptima.com and services offered through it (information that the user can share with others under his responsibility).
  4. Use of the www.bee-solution.net website and services offered through of it (information that the user can share with others under his responsibility).
  5. Cookies for www.checkoptima.com and for www.bee-solution.net .

3. Use of data – Personal of the User

Checkoptima informs the Users that the personal data they provide will be incorporated into a file owned by Checkoptima duly registered in the General Data Protection Registry, being used for the purpose of:

  • Provision of services contracted according to the Contracts and terms established between Checkoptima and the company in which said user works and performs functions.
  • Respond to queries or requests for information that may be made by users of the companies that hire the service.
  • Allow access to the options that require registration, in which case the User must meet the particular conditions that are established.

Your own personal data and intrinsic to the relationship that is required as representatives of the company, except for those that the company makes available to Checkoptima and it has services and means for visualization and analysis with the own tools of Checkoptima. The user of the Web and the company he represents is solely responsible for the disposition of other users of the web, in no case, will be provided to third parties and if in a future Checkoptima wishes to use them for purposes other than those referred, we will inform you of these new purposes and we will request your consent.

Certain services provided on the website may contain particular conditions of use with provisions regarding the protection of personal data. In this regard, it is important that the User be aware of the following warnings.
The information provided by the User through the web to other users, by any means (web, mail or any device) is the responsibility of the same and the company that represents and alien to the will of Checkoptima. By providing this information, completely voluntarily, through any of the services offered on the website, the User is expressly and voluntarily accepting this Policy of Protection of Personal Data, the General Conditions of Access and Use of the website and the particular conditions of use that may be established for services enabled through the web, which allow Checkoptima to process this information about the User.

4. Share information with third parties

Checkoptima, will not provide the data of the Users to third parties, except those that the Users themselves make available to other Users of the web of their own company.
The use of the functions enabled through the web that allow the distribution of contents and the interaction with other Users may imply that part of the Users’ data is displayed outside the web. So when the User publishes content in an open group, such content and personal data linked to it may appear in the search engine results. It is important that the User is aware that the withdrawal of such content by Checkoptima at the request of the User will not prevent its replication on other websites, on which Checkoptima has no control whatsoever.

5. User Consent

The sending of data, through the use of electronic forms enabled by Checkoptima on the web or emails or content provided by the User through the website, implies the express consent of the sender to the processing of data included in the media. of communication indicated. The acceptance of the User for their data to be treated with the purposes referred to in the section “Use of personal data", is always revocable, without retroactive effects, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

The User guarantees that the personal data provided to Checkoptima are true and is responsible for communicating to Checkoptima any modification of these.

6. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The User may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of their personal data, under the terms and conditions provided in the LOPD.
You can exercise these rights, after proof of identity by photocopy or scan of D.N.I. going to Checkoptima SL, Ctra. de Rubí a Sant Cugat Km. 1, 40-50, CP 08173 Sant
Cugat del Vallès
, ​​or to the following email address: checkoptima@checkoptima.com .

At the moment in which the User exercises such rights, all personal data linked to his account, as well as the information and contents that are integrated into his profile will be canceled. However, the foregoing, it is important that the User takes into account that the information he has shared with Users may remain visible. Checkoptima is exempt from any responsibility in relation to the elimination of this information that is already part of the accounts and profiles of other Users. Checkoptima does not control the system of renewal of the search mechanisms, being able to contain in said mechanisms certain information of the public profile that has already been canceled by Checkoptima. Also, in the event that the User exercises the right of cancellation on the data necessary for Checkoptima to provide the services of the web, Checkoptima will be forced to terminate its relationship with the User, proceeding to cancel it, without right to any claim on the part of this one.

7. Security

Checkoptima maintains the security levels of protection of your data required by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the Development Regulation of the LOPD, and has established all the technical means at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data provided by the User through the web.

However, despite the diligent implementation of such measures, the User must know that Internet security measures are not impregnable, without Checkoptima can guarantee that unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of use that Users make the services offered on the website or that they may access or manipulate messages and communications of any kind that Users may disseminate or make available to third parties through such services.

8. Information about cookies and “spamming" techniques

The User is informed of the presence of cookies on the website in order to facilitate the use and navigation of the same. The cookies are associated with the browser of a specific computer. Thanks to them, it is possible that Checkoptima recognizes the browsers of registered Users after they have registered for the first time, without having to register each time they access the areas and services reserved exclusively for them.
The User has the possibility to configure his browser to be warned on the screen of the reception of cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies on his hard drive. Please consult the instructions and manuals of your browser to expand this information. To use the web, it is not necessary for the User to allow the installation of cookies sent by Checkoptima, without prejudice to the fact that in this case it will be necessary for the User to register each time he accesses a service that requires prior registration and is possible I can not access some of the web services.

Checkoptima does not use “spamming" techniques and will only process the data that the User transmits through the use of the electronic forms of Checkoptima enabled on this website, emails or content provided through the web services.
Operation of cookies:

cookies strictly necessary for the provision of certain services expressly requested by the user: if these cookies are deactivated, you can not correctly receive our contents and services; and analytical cookies (for monitoring and statistical analysis of the behavior of all users), advertising (for the management of advertising spaces based on criteria such as the frequency at which the ads are displayed) and behavioral (for the management of advertising). advertising spaces according to the specific profile of the user): if these cookies are deactivated, the website may continue to operate without prejudice to the fact that the information collected by these cookies about the use of our website and the success of the advertisements shown in it allows us to improve our services and obtain income that allow us to offer many contents for free.

(*) The information obtained through these cookies, referred to the user’s equipment, may be combined with your personal data only if you are registered on this website.
(**) DEACTIVATION OF COOKIES. The user may at any time choose which cookies he wants to work on this website by:

browser settings, for example:
Chrome, from http: // support .google.com / chrome / bin / answer.py? hl = en & answer = 95647

Explorer, from http://windows.microsoft.com/es-es/windows7/how-to-manage-cookies-in-internet-explorer-9

Firefox, from http : //support.mozilla.org/es/kb/habilitar-y-deshabilitar-cookies-que-los-sitios-we

Safari, from http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5042
The specific opt-out systems indicated in the table above with respect to the cookie in question (these systems may lead to the installation of a “rejection" cookie on your computer for your deactivation option to work); or other third-party tools, available online, that allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation (for example, Ghostery: http://www.ghostery.com/privacy-statement , http://www.ghostery.com/faq ).

9. Modification of the present Policy of Protection of Personal Data

Checkoptima reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to future legislative or jurisprudential developments, as well as to future uses that it plans to make of the personal data of the Users of the web. In any case, it will inform Users beforehand of the changes that may occur in said policy. Therefore, it is recommended that the User read the Personal Data Protection Policy of the web every time they access it.
If you wish to make any suggestion or comment regarding our Personal Data Protection Policy, you can contact Checkoptima SL, Ctra. de Rubí a Sant Cugat Km. 1, 40-50, CP 08173 Sant
Cugat del Vallès
, ​​or to the following email address : checkoptima@checkoptima.com .

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