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Service Description

Only 36% of the cost-reduction initiatives persist over time. A very low return for the amount of resources employed, isn´t it?

At Bee Solution we understand the optimization of costs as a more global process, constantly evolving and focused on achieving results, not only better but sustainable in time.

The customer marks the rhythm and the scope of our intervention, being able to use from a very basic approach (“no-risk approach") to a more advanced Partnership.

Our methodology goes far beyond the simple comparison of prices, identifying potential savings in aspects such as:

  • Processes, systems or technology :We look at how to perform the same task more efficiently growing in productivity.
  • Behavior Changes : We analyze how products and services are consumed, and recommend ways to reduce your cost.
  • Billing Error Identification
  • Elimination of surcharges and/or unnecessary services 
  • Benchmark among current suppliers vs. market: Identifying those that offer the best results for the business at service, quality and cost level.

Simply analyzing your invoices we can find major improvements, although our challenge is going further…how far do you let us go?

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