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Service Description

Clients are increasingly alert and highly sensitive to the possibility that solutions that have been adopted may lose effectiveness soon.

This happens especially in Telecomunications. Checktel is a modular service aimed at optimizing that cost, voice and data.


Reduce Time to Insight
Faster access to relevant data "in an instant".
Save Money
Gain control by making your business more effective.
Decide Better
Make better decisions with data-driven insights.
Do not decide alone
Take the appropiate decisions at the right time.


  • Data Visualization through our own personalised tool Checktel, 100% customizable and modular.
  • Benchmark with the market
  • Control of consumption and costs throughn KPIs on a monthly basis
  • Outsourcing of non-added value activities.

more ...

  • Suppliers Management: claims, implementations, delivery time accomplishment, SLA, …
  • Comprenhensive Revision of invoice conditions applied (Invoice Checking).
  • Particular Conditions application to obtain the monthly net costs.
  • Monthly mail mentioning main aspects of revised invoices.
  • Reporting of incidents and mistakes.
  • Monthly notification of optimization proposals for the continuous improvement.
  • Monthly reporting of files to upload on ERP, costs assignment, …
  • Monthly mailing to report costs & consumptions to consumers or responsibles.
  • Purchase, Finance & IT departments support.
  • Grouping informations of various suppliers into a unique format.
  • Structure monthly control, registrations & de-registrations of services.
  • Assistance & Consultancy of negotiation with suppliers.
  • Reception of service suppliers.
  • Processing numbering Data Base.
  • Offers Simulation.
  • RFQ preparation.

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