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Service Description

Audit Recovery is a specialized service designed to help companies quickly identify and correct any billing errors. We combine advanced technology with comprehensive data analysis to identify and correct discrepancies, especially in indirect cost areas such as transportation, energy and telecommunications.


  • Up-to-date information: Maintain up-to-date information on agreements and transactions with suppliers.
    Accurate Identification: Accurately identify all differences.
    Claims Validation: Validate the corresponding claims.
    Payment Recovery: Claim, justify and recover overpayments made.



Recovery of lost costs that positively impact your company's profitability.
Accounting precision

Improved accounting accuracy and reduced billing errors.
Supplier reliability
Improved transparency and relationship with suppliers, ensuring efficient management of contracts and invoices.

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Comprehensive Invoice Auditing

  • We use our NANO search tool to thoroughly examine discrepancies between invoices and agreed rates.
  • We also analyze data from your ERP or similar systems to ensure the integrity of the analysis.
Collection of business data and documents, such as invoices, contracts and business agreements
Study and detailed analysis of the differences invoiced through computerized treatments
Compilation of supporting documents and drafting of a descriptive note on the differences
Claims and follow-up of claims sent to suppliers